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Starting a New Business

Dear New Business Person.

Congrats. You have wanted to be in business for yourself and now you're ready to try it on for size. Good luck to you.


Minding your own business isn't easy, but maybe we can help... Sort of give you a head start.

Working from your home can be a false economy; missed and interrupted phone calls mean lost opportunities, lost customers. Also, everyone hates pagers and voice mail and cheapo answering services sound exactly like that. HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO... IT'S EFFECTIVE AND INEXPENSIVE, TOO.

Raincoast offers everything from fully furnished, serviced offices to "Business-on-the-Go" Programs with timeshare (part time) offices, personal telephone reception, call forwarding to you anywhere, appointment booked and inquires handled for you, boardroom, fax, copier, word processing, resumes, presentation materials, mail drop addresses in Nanaimo and Victoria... and lots more.

(Tell you what... We'll both mind your business, okay? Call us today.)

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